Your customers are becoming more and more familiar with the world of cold calling and the tactics applied across the globe. Now we are in a period of change, customers are no longer receptive to the aggressive, forceful approach. We must start selling through the Mind of the customer and understanding how our clients want to be approached and spoken to. What attributes they look for from the salesperson they are engaging with.

Who better to tell you what they want than the people you are trying to sell to!

This is a 4-part blog each week highlighting 2 more of your potential client’s feedback on what they expect from a salesperson on the back of this it will give you a real emphasis on where you need to change.

A massive thank you to all the companies and people who have taken part in making theses articles become possible. I hope we can all learn and develop on the back of this.

1st Interview With Olly Magnus – Owner – Magnus Group Ltd

Sell2Excell asked – What does a sales person need to do to grab your attention on a cold call/visit? Olly – Be a nice friendly person and not at all cheesy – If I am honest I struggle with pushy salesman who won’t take no for an answer and I think I am pretty good at working them out quickly – without being funny I would be much more likely to buy off someone who I got on well with first impressions are massive for me – the pushier the salesman the less likely I will buy from them.

Sell2Excell asked – What frustrates you when someone is trying to sell you a product or a service? Olly – When they have no interest in anything else other than to get the sale ‘over the line’ at all costs. Also, when they start with a high price and then manage to bring it down significantly when you say it’s too expensive – it just means they were trying to rip you off in the first place.

Sell2Excell asked – If you could pick 3 things you expect from a person selling to you what would they be? Olly – Friendly, knowledgeable of what they are selling and understanding of your business before they sit in front of you

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Magnus Group has provided the highest levels of customer care, reliability and cost efficiency with your haulage, warehousing and freight forwarding services for nearly 50 years.

Paul Magnus started a shipping agency in Felixstowe in 1973. The business went on to become Magnus Group. After Paul’s death in 2018, his son Olly sold up his own business to buy shares in Magnus Group and bring the business back under family ownership. Olly took over as CEO in 2019 and set about building up the business, expanding the services on offer and doubling the size of its warehouse operation to 225,000 square feet, with 20,000 racked spaces. A re branding exercise now presents a fresh and modern face to customers old and new.

Magnus Group offers a complete range of freight logistics and forwarding services. The business in Great Blakenham, Ipswich, is ideally placed to serve the Port of Felixstowe and enjoys direct road links to the Midlands, the North and London

2nd Interview With Alex Robinson – MD – Novus Digital Ltd

Sell2Excell Asked – What does a sales person need to do to grab your attention on a cold call/visit? Alex Robinson – I think these two things are very different. A sales person who’s on a cold visit is already one step ahead of the cold caller, they’ve got my attention by virtue of being there. In my opinion though, that’s not necessarily a good thing though – it’s not a nice feeling being caught off guard and being thrust into a face to face sales situation you’re not expecting, and it’s much harder once you’ve engaged to walk away if the product isn’t right

For a cold call there’s a few things. You should get the very basics sorted, at least know my name and company name, nothing worse than going in blind. Additionally, you should have some knowledge about what we do and more importantly if your product is going to be useful to us. We’re a digital marketing company, so if you’re cold calling me about safety equipment, you’re probably wasting your time and mine. Finally, don’t push me if I’ve said I’m not interested, or worse if your product isn’t relevant. I’m always happy to take a cold call because you never know how useful the offering is, but if I tell you it’s not beneficial to our business, then it’s not beneficial to our business. There’s no “thrill of the chase” by simply becoming a pest.

Sell2Excell Asked – What frustrates you when someone is trying to sell you a product or a service? Alex Robinson – Trying to objection handle their way into a sale. I’m no salesman, but I’ve done sales, and objection handling is great – once you’ve got to a certain point in the cycle. If you’re shut down straight up on that first call because your offering isn’t relevant or useful to what I do and I tell you that, asking me more questions is only going to piss me off. Save both our time and move on to someone who could benefit.

Also, arrogance. So, we all know that our product is the best product there is on the market and only we can solve our prospects’ problems – but they have to be willing to hear it. Don’t fight me on how amazing your product or service is, because believe me, I know my business and what it needs better than you.

Finally, shying away from talking money. You might offer a cookie cutter product, it might be bespoke, but if I ask “how much is this going to cost” and you can’t give me a ballpark – all I hear is “as much as I think I can get away with”. Funnily enough, that’s a big turn off.

 Sell2Excell Asked – If you could pick 3 things you expect from a person selling to you what would they be? Alex Robinson – Knowledge about what I do and how their offering could help me.

Some humility in the fact they’re interrupting my work flow unannounced – if I say to call me back, I’m busy right now but I’ll happily speak to you another time.

A good attitude. This won’t work in every industry, but adapt your style to who you’re talking to. You should figure out quickly that I am fairly light hearted and relaxed, so adapt to that. If you’re playing the big corporate man (or woman) we’re not going to gel, and that’s probably going to lose my attention.


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