Over the past 4 weeks I have interviewed 6 companies who have willingly given me an insight to what they expect and what they dislike from sales people when they prospect.

For me there is no better way to understand how we should sell than ask the people we are selling too. Customers are becoming more clued up on entire sales process due to the amount of information available online so it’s important to be completely open and honest and truthful

Very simply customers are key to the success of any business without customers 99% of business will not survive. So, the only logical thing to do is to gain regular feedback from customers and adapt our style and methods to ensure we are delivering on our promises but also be ethical in our approach. We as sales people only earn money on the basis of having customers so without them life would be very glum.

So, what should we do in the mind of our customers?

Be honest – customers don’t want dishonest sales rep it may earn you a quick buck but you will lose the trust quickly and negative word of mouth spreads quicker than positivity.

Added Value – At every opportunity add value – this will build trust and rapport and show you care.

Communication – Be in regular contact and stick to agreed times – Again it builds trust and rapport

Be Expert in your field – provide regular advice and be a problem solver not a problem maker.

Know your product/service – Don’t sell them something they won’t use or won’t benefit them.

Do your research – don’t call/visit blindly know who you are speaking to and how your product/service benefits them.

When cold calling make it short sweet and to the point – Don’t waste their valuable time

Listen intently – customers hate sales people who talk 90% of the time and listen 10%

If you start honing in on these skills you will ultimately be even more successful and build long lasting relationships which are mutually beneficial and profitable.

I want to give a huge thanks to the companies who participated.

Olly Magnus – Magnus Group

Alex Robinson – Novus Digital

Jordan Penman – Victory Lighting

Louis Gunnel – Goliath Social

Paul Sherratt – Glove Glu

Lee Carpenter – Counters FS