To get the best out of any form of salesperson whether a novice or an elite salesperson you must first invest in the art of training and development. Even beginner training programs can elevate an average salesperson to a great salesperson. It is very easy to settle for average but what sets the brilliant apart from the basic?

I personally believe the answer is Mindset – how can a sales professional fundamentally learn and adapt to a magnitude of sales products, services and ultimately processes?

Whether you are a start up or a global powerhouse the dream is to have an elite team of sales professionals driving the business, growth and profitability forward year on year but how do you achieve a high salesperson standard across your business with consistency and sustainability?

I believe if you are going to hire your first salesperson or hire for a new venture/department then go big, hire the most successful sales professional you can find and afford. Why?

Well elite sales professionals not only possess a finely tuned skill set but they also understand the fundamentals of selling better than anybody else and demonstrating an unquivering mindset to driving the business forward.

If you can apply the 5 common mindset hacks below you will go from basic to brilliant.

What, How, But More Importantly Why

Anyone who runs or works in a business will at the very least be able to understand what we do and what services/products we sell and how we do it. However, they have no idea why we do it this way or why we have this process in place – it is important to provide context and a journey to get the most out of your elite salesperson.

The ‘WHY’ when used correctly is the perfect foundation for sales, as it can allow you to fact find at the initial question stage of the interview process and can provide support when creating doubt and dealing with objections. If you want to understand more about ‘why’ in sales, I would highly recommend reading the link I have attached below.,place%20a%20very%20unpleasant%20experience.

They don’t sell

The highest performing sales professionals drive results with the mindset of wanting to help and nurture their clients instead of selling them any old rubbish. They ask themselves how does their product genuinely help their customers by identifying and converting pain in to paradise and demonstrating how their product/service both adds values and drives efficiency across the business. A typical high performing trait is to sell through the eyes and mind of the customer rather than assuming this is what they need.

Clear Intentions

Customers are more sales savvy than ever and can quickly sense when they are being sold to and can quickly put their guard up. Once a customer believes you are only selling for the commission and not on client’s best interest all trust and respect goes out the window and you have a losing battle on your hands to recover the situation.

The genuine difference between customer manipulation and persuasion is intent. The best salespeople are crystal clear with their intent to help and provide for the customer from the very beginning.

Controlling the Controllable

A sales Professionals can only really control two aspects of the job their attitude and effort. It is inevitable in sales that rejection and lost sales are going to happen and will happen incredibly often. What is key to a high performing sales professional is how they react to situations when things get difficult.

The best salespeople do not allow fear of failure or rejection affect their effort levels. They fail fast, they fail often, and use rejection as a driving force for future deals.

Active Listening

The best sales professionals have mastered the art of active listening and use paraphrasing to confirm they have understood.

You cannot help someone without understanding his or her needs or emotional/rational reason to change. In many cases, customers aren’t prepared to speak about what they need and want, and we have to work hard and smart to find ways to engage with customers. Ask the right question and actively listen to their answers then you can ask your “Why” questions to gain more knowledge.


Mindset is one of the driving factors for a hugely successful salesperson and once you have one high performer on your team they spirit and attitude and mindset will spread quickly and positively through the business.