A World without sales would be a world I don’t want to live in.

Have you considered why sales is the best job ever?

Everything we own and use daily has been supplied by a sales person

The car you use to work this morning without sales people it’ll be a long walk but the trainers you would wear for that long walk you couldn’t buy without a sales person.

A career in sales is like nothing else in the world it has amazing perks and the financial rewards are amazing however it can also be a incredibly lonely and tough job if you aren’t motivated or committed or energetic.

But Why Is Sales Amazing?

Its Satisfying!

The moment you meet customers’ needs and solve pressing problems because you exist and offer your products and services at their comfort, you get a satisfying feeling. You work for your clients by improving their business and helping them save more money.

Its Rewarding!

There are no limitations to the amount of money you can earn. Unlike some other secular jobs that have a stipulated amount of money earned as salary, sales jobs grant you the potential to make more money without limitations. Here, the more you sell, the more you earn more money. You feel good when you complete a sales cycle.

Valuable Life Skills!

Sales is a skill that can take you anywhere in the world. Although you can have your qualification, they might not just be necessary, some places not required. All you need is to be able to prove your selling abilities with passion and enthusiasm. Your ability to convince a customer about a product or services and getting their buying temperature high. There will always be companies out there in different parts of the world looking for salespeople. Work will be constantly available or you because of your good sales skills. Endless Opportunities!

Endless Opportunities!

As a salesperson, you’ll have opportunities to travel a lot of times around the world meeting different people, companies, CEOs, Directors, sales trainers, all classes of businessmen and women, attend meetings, and delivering products and services to customers.  You’ll often be speaking to totally different people on the phone daily. This creates better opportunities for you outside the business. Also made available to you are career paths built for salespeople.


Being a naturally competitive person, you’re not far from being a great salesperson. Competition is exciting and a real drive for hard work. The sales role is interesting when it is competitive. It’s either you’re competing with your team or competing against your target results from the previous months. You always want team success but driven by your own personal achievements.

Simple Expectations!

It’s your job to improve customer relationships and improve on profitability and growth of the business. All Sales roles come with KPI’S this is so you understand exactly what your expectations are.

Growth & Development!

A sale job expands your mental capacity to manage greater responsibilities. It helps improve your communication skill. You gain more knowledge as you solve the challenges you encounter while on the job. In sales, you are faced with the task of building relationships and building trust with your customers. The skills you gain greatly helps you in starting and running your own business.


For me I have loved almost every minute of my sales career even at my lowest point I loved it in a weird twisted way. It is the only role that allows such diversity and guarantees no 2 days are the same it has allowed me to develop a whole range of every day life skills and enabled me really excel both professional and personally.