Japanese tradition of Gemba walk is to assess and review processes and procedures in the actual place of business whether that’s an office a car or a warehouse and provide solutions to real world problems that could positively impact time and profits brand awareness amongst many other elements of your business.

Sell2Excell will attend your offices virtually or physically to determine where we are able to assist you and your team by conducting interviews with all sales staff and observing them in their sales environment and reporting back on efficiency improvement areas.

Sell2Excell aims to rejuvenate your sales targets and ambitions. We can help streamline the sales process reducing the amount of office/admin support Freeing up your sales team to gain new business.
We can help with innovative and creative ideas to help market your brand better and generate additional revenue streams.

Services include but not limited to;

  1. Reviewing sales processes and cycles
  2. Time Management & Planning
  3. Writing processes and cycles to reduce admin time and increase sale time
  4. How to generate additional revenue streams and clientele